Aquasuite for intelligent water solutions

Aquasuite brings intelligent water solutions. Central automatic operation and remote control of water supply systems and wastewater treatment plants require a reliable sollution. Aquasuite offers solid model-based forecasting and controlling software to enhance the operational performance of water systems.


There is a growing need for improved process information and reporting. Integral and real-time availability of process information improve operational management. Aquasuite provides a solution for effective presentation of plant operations process data, which enables you to make the proper operational decisions. The Aquasuite solution will help to optimise water quality and cost-effectiveness.











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Aquasuite OPIR: Optimal control of water supply systems

Aquasuite OPIR is the real-time software solution that optimizes the operation of water supply systems. Water treatment plants, pumping stations and boosters consume large amounts of energy to deliver the drinking water to the consumers. Intelligent control of the water system by OPIR can lead to a significant reduction of the total energy consumption and a better water quality.


Aquasuite FLOW: Insight in wastewater transport system

Aquasuite FLOW translates real-time data from sewage pumping stations into valuable insight into the actual performance of the entire wastewater transport system. FLOW combines the individual measurement signals with meaningful performance indicators that help to understand how the transport system really operates.


Aquasuite PURE: Optimal control for waste water treatment plants

Aquasuite PURE is the advanced controller that minimizes energy consumption and optimizes nitrogen removal of wastewater treatment plants. PURE operates aerators, propulsors and other rotary equipment in activated sludge type wastewater treatment plants. Using lab or field measurements, PURE determines the optimal oxygen setpoint and presents clear and flexible trends and overviews of the process parameters.


Aquasuite MINE: Optimal control of the sludge line

Aquasuite MINE optimizes the operation of the wastewater sludge line. MINE understands and controls the sludge supply and sludge stock, and increases the biogas production, increases dewatering rate and minimizes slugde removal.


Aquasuite Nereda Controller and Crystallactor Controller

Royal HaskoningDHV developed the water treatment processes called Nereda (batch proces for waste water treatment) and Crystallactor (pellet bed softening process). To ensure optimal process performance, both treatment processes are controlled by dedicated Aquasuite control modules.



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